We are Hi-Ton industrial Corporation Ltd. established 2008 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are known in the field of customer electronics technology in Bangladesh. We are engaging in assembling, manufacturing, importing repairing, exchanging dealing and marketing all sorts of electronics and electrical goods. Our biggest strengths are our development and manufacturing capabilities, allowing us to give a large range of products to our customers.


Great results can be achieved through relationships built on trust, encouraging diversity and making the most of every individual’s potential and contribution. Work is only one of the elements of a fulfilling and rewarding life.


Working in a correct, responsible way is important. There is no right way of doing the wrong thing. Maintaining the highest possible standards of personal, professional and legal conduct, whilst treating the others with the utmost respect, is of fundamental importance.

Diversity and Inclusion:

Diversity creates value. Multiple diverse points of view is the soul of innovation and the basis for Hi-Ton Industrial Corporation’s success. A culture that can embrace and value diversity and inclusion motivates every individual to excel, stimulating passion and the free expression of ideas.


Working together brings pride and frees up the potential of every individual. Through collaboration and the confrontation of ideas, great results can be achieved.

Spirit of Winning:

The awareness of being a leader generates pride and motivation to face the new challenges of the market. Our goal is to be recognized and respected as one of the world’s best companies to work for.

Our vision

Best Branded consumer products in every home around the world.

Our Mission:

Create demand and earn trust everyday

Sustainability at Hi-Ton:

Sustainability is embedded in Hi-Ton of Bangladesh's Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. The policy states that the company, while fulfilling its social obligations, will also do the following:
  • Deliver high performance and aesthetically designed products while reducing the company’s environmental footprint. Continuously work towards bringing resource-friendly appliances to the market that are more efficient than their predecessors.
  • Truthfully declare energy and water consumption, where applicable.
  • Abide by current and future legislations on use of ozone depleting, global warming and hazardous substances.
  • Implement processes at our facilities that will eliminate waste and drive operating efficiencies.
  • Reduce impact to the environment by responsibly handling end-of-life products.